Are you looking for extra income? Do you want a well-paying part-time jobs that you can do over the weekend? Then this post on 15 well-paying part-time jobs ‌you can do over the weekend is for you.

There are a plethora of reasons ‌people need part-time jobs. It could be

  • To add to their weekly source of income
  • A student wanting to earn money for a project or just to buy a game
  • A youngster that wants to help earn some money for the family
  • Or something even as simple as wanting to do something useful for the weekend.

Weekends are days when we sit back, relax, enjoy and spend time with family or take care of ourselves.

So, whatever reason you have to want to work on a weekend is ‌justified. You can also explore the 20 Best Online Jobs for 2022- Earning Per Hour of Each Job and the 10 Practical High Paying side hustle to start in Nigeria- (2022).

In this article, you will discover Well-paying weekend part-time jobs that are worth your time.

Read on!

15 Well-Paying Part-time Jobs That You Can Do Over The Weekend (NO. 9 Is Unique)

15 Well-Paying Part-time Jobs That You Can Do Over The Weekend

The following are the 15 well-paying part-time jobs that you can do over the weekend:

  1. Driving Job
  2. Tutoring Job
  3. Bartending/waiter
  4. A salesperson in a retail mall
  5. Event Photographer/Videographer
  6. Event musician/Disc Jockey (DJ)
  7. Freelance Writing/Editing
  8. Graphics Designing
  9. Online Gaming 
  10. Web Designing
  11. Event Planning
  12. Babysitting
  13. Online Survey
  14. Online Class
  15. Usher Job

1. A Driving Job

Driving is one of the 15 well-paying part-time jobs ‌you can do over the weekend. This is an ideal part-time job that requires zero too little income if you already own a car or have access to one. 

Because it’s the weekend and a time when the phrase “We Outside” is mostly used, people need Uber drivers to convey them to their various entertainment locations such as parties, clubs, cinemas, restaurants, and a host of other places.

Using Uber or Bolt gives you the flexibility to work whenever you choose, which is great for a weekend job.

According to the street, drivers earn #3000 to #4000 per hour.

How much you charge can also depend on how sweet and relaxing your vehicle is.

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2. Tutoring Job

A tutoring Job is one of the 15 well-paying part-time jobs ‌you can do over the weekend. Most parents went after-school lessons for their wards, so if you are learned and have teaching skills, you can do this job.

The pay should be discussed between you and your client.

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3. Bartending/ Waiter

Bartending is one of the 15 well-paying part-time jobs ‌you can do over the weekend. Bars and restaurants are very busy on weekends. Bartenders should know how to mix and make drink combos, have good listening ears and excellent customer service.

Servers are agile and clever and have good customer service skills.

Depending on the location and restaurants or bar, you can be tipped quite generously apart from your salary.

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4. Salesperson in retail malls

Most retail malls in Nigeria have more than the average flow of customers during the weekends and holidays, so they need more hands.

To conduct transactions effectively, retail sales clerks (and other workers who stock and organize goods) require excellent customer service skills and attention to detail. If you can smile at people and have good customer service qualities, then this is the job for you.

It’s important to note that Retail jobs cause employees to stand for long periods. And the pay varies depending on the location and budget of retail store owners.

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5. Event photographer/ Videographer

A well-paying part-time job that requires skill, contact, and a very good camera is an event photographer or videographer.

Most social events In Nigeria like weddings, baby showers, and bridal showers are scheduled for the weekend when everyone is likely to be free and available to attend.

Although you may need to meet with potential celebrants during the week, most of the work, such as creating a website with portfolio examples and editing images and videos, can be completed on weekends.

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6. Event musician or Disc Jockey(DJ)

Social events, as we know, are mostly scheduled for the weekend. 

This is another well-paying job that requires skill. You can display your talent as a DJ.

Or if you are in a band, you and your band can play at an event.

Although you may need to meet clients during the weekdays, the job is a weekend one.

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7. Freelance Writing/ Editing

Freelancing is one of the 15 well-paying part-time jobs that you can do over the weekend. Freelance writers who generate written materials such as content marketing, business proposals, and feature pieces, and develop content for blogs, websites, and social media accounts.

On the other hand, editors edit writing to improve readability by proofreading it, correcting grammar, and modifying it.

This is another job that requires skill. The pay varies for different people.

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8. Graphic Designing

Brochures, Web pages, logos, reports, ads, packaging, and presentations all require graphic designers. They turn clients’ concepts into workable designs. 

As a graphic designer, you must have an artistic sensibility, be able to work with desktop design programs, and be innovative. If you are working alone, web programming and writing skills are helpful. 

Freelance designers do much of the design work done in Nigeria, especially for individuals and small enterprises. Graphics Designing can be done from home, and most project tasks are completed on weekends.

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9. Online gaming

This is one well-paying job that pays well and is often overlooked. What other way to earn money is better than through what you love doing? It is time to put your gaming skills to good use and earn money with it.

The amount of money you can make from gaming online depends on how good you are and if you have sponsors.

Examples of these games are PUBG mobile, Call of duty, Fortnite, etc.

A plus is having a YouTube channel for it, where people can watch you exhibit your gaming skills, and with time, the channel makes more than enough money for you.

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10. Web designing

A great job that requires skill is web designing. Web designers create websites for businesses, people, and religious organizations to promote their services on the internet. They use coding and formatting tools to construct web pages. 

Content, images, and video are all incorporated into websites by web designers. 

Web designers should be well-versed in desktop web authoring tools, as well as writing and graphic design abilities. To finish tasks, some freelance designers collaborate with authors and graphic designers. 

Except for occasional interactions with prospective and ongoing clients, much of this development work may be done on weekends.

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11. Event planning

Do you get a kick out of assisting others with their event planning? It’s time to turn it into cash. Most social events need event planners. You can earn money by assisting others in organizing events on weekends, whether by yourself or a well-established company. 

As an event planner, you can charge a set or hourly rate depending on your experience. Finally, the amount you can earn depends on the level of planning involved.

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12. Babysitting

In some parts of Nigeria, where there are affluent citizens that are mostly busy during the weekend,  babysitting can be a well-paying job that requires just your ability to take care of kids.

The pay is dependent on how long you stay or how generous your client is.

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13. Online survey

You can make extra cash simply by answering online surveys. Surveys are an excellent way for businesses to gather data to make decisions.

To take part in an online survey, all you have to do is register with a survey site. 

Following that, you’ll be presented with a series of questions depending on your profile.

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14. Online classes

If you have a skill or knowledge that you can sell, then you are at an advantage, many people are looking to pay money to learn something new. It could be a baking class or a graphics designing class, or you can hold an online tutoring class.

All you need is a smartphone and a good offer to attract your customers.

This can be done on weekends or any other time of the week.

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15. Ushering Job

Ushering Job is one of the 15 well-paying part-time jobs that you can do over the weekend. This is a good job that is provided or made available by event planners.

If you have good stamina and a nice smile, this is the job for you. The pay varies depending on how long or sophisticated the event is.

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As you can see, there are many alternatives to consider, and you can’t make an off-base choice with any of them. However, you ought to limit your choice to the work that suits your abilities, wage target, and time commitment. 

These 15 well-paying part-time jobs that you can do over the weekend require hard work and courage. So get ready to put in the work needed. Hope you enjoy the read. If you need further help, do well to contact me.


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